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What Are The World Bank Policies?

What Are The World Bank Policies? .

Many of us, do have a bank account and know their policies to activate an account. But I don’t think many among us are aware of the World Bank policies. Do you think that an ordinary bank and World Bank policies are the same? Then the answer is NO! No other bank will have the same policies as World Bank have. Now, let us discuss the World Bank Policies on our page. Scroll down the page to get a clear view of the topic.

The policies of the World Bank are designed to ensure the economic, financial, social and environmental information of the account holder. The World Bank was founded in the year 1944 and seeks various opportunities to shape the world economy. The World Bank’s main motto is to integrate the elites all the countries into the capitalist and reduce the poverty in the developing countries. There are nearly 189 member countries that are shareholders of the World Bank. Here, we have listed a few policies of the World Bank are given below. Readout these policies to get a clear idea of the World Bank.

Policy on Business Products and Instruments: This policy is meant to define certain rules in lending or exporting tools. This will also cover the country's economy, technical assistance, guarantees and sector work.

  • Safeguard Policies: The safeguard policies include environmental assessments and designed the policies to prevent unplanned effects. This policy will be active on the natural territory, pest management, resettlement of mechanics, safety of dams, waterways, international projects, and projects in the territorial disputed area.
  • Management Policies: This policy is used regularly. The management policy will monitor all the projects working status and monitor the project work evaluation. 
  • Trustee Policies: The trustee or fiduciary policy includes financial management, agreements of terms, payments. It also consists of specific guidelines for projects and goods that are financed by the World Bank.

 Today, the World Bank is one of a various international organization which fights against poverty by offering development techniques to low-income countries. It also offers loans and advice for both private and public sectors.

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