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Scorpion Venom Smuggling And Value Of Venom

Many of us know that scorpions are the most dangerous creatures. Do you know that scorpion venom is used for the medical process? But the scorpion venom is so expensive that smuggling its venom is happening all over the world. It is true, that scorpion venom is smuggled illegally to many foreign countries. And it is very pretty hard to believe that venom is used as medical benefits. It is even the trend to use scorpion venom in many foreign countries. But to extract venom from the scorpion is not an easy task. The scorpion should be fed millions of times to fill just a gallon. Here, on our page let us discuss the scorpion venom smuggling and its value. Check out more interesting points about the scorpion venom smuggling and its value.


The scorpion venom has a great demand in medical research because this venom is used as an important compound in the preparation of anti-cancer medicines. The scorpion venom is used in medication that saved many people’s lives. In many countries, the scorpion is used as cheap street food but its venom has a huge demand in countries like the US and Europe. The weight of the scorpion matters, because the venom can be extracted according to the size of the scorpion. Smuggling scorpion venom is not as easy as smuggling the scorpion and it is illegal. While in the countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan, trading the scorpion venom is very much legal.


Price of the scorpion venom:

The scorpion venom is highly dangerous but a glance of this venom can make a commoner into a millionaire. The Deathstalker venom is the most expensive scorpion venom or liquid in the world. Whereas, the price of the scorpion venom is much more than gold, just a gallon of the scorpion venom is sold for 39 million dollars. When compared to other animals venom, scorpion venom very much expensive. It is even proved that the venom of this tiny desert creatures is very much expensive than any other thing in the world.


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