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High Radiation Countries List

Actually radiation is one of the things that terrify the whole world now. People are saying to reduce the usage of the mobile on the other hand and they are discovering the high radioactive nuclear power plants. However mobile radiation is single if we compared it with nuclear radiation. In this article, we would like to tell you about some of the countries that still exist having high radiations across the world.


List of the countries with High Radiation


  1. Mayak, Russia: Russia is one of the countries with the more number of nuclear power plants. Many of these nuclear power plants are situated at the Mayak. A plant in this region once suffered a level 6 disaster on 1957 September 29. However the reasons for this disaster I unknown till today but the effect of this disaster is the top and this Mayak is the top with the highest radiation till today.
  2. Fukushima, Japan: This is the very recent incident and the effects of this incident are unexpected ones. Actually, in 2011 an earthquake with a magnitude of 9-9.1 hit the pacific coast and that later resulted in Tsunami. Due to this effect, the nuclear power plant at the Fukushima Daiichi is been destroyed. While there is an automatic shut down option due to several reasons the plant has been lost its control. The blast has destroyed the total coast and the fuel is spat into the pacific coast.
  3. Chernobyl, Ukraine: It is also one of the largest disaster human witnessed. Recently a popular production house also made a series upon this incident. In 1986 the nuclear PowerPoint in this location has engaged in a mass fire during the safety check. Due to this effect, nearly 6 million people are affected and 18 billion dollars are been spent to control the damage. The area near to the damage is still closed from reaching the public.
  4. Hanford, USA: In the year 1943 the USA tried to stop Adolf Hitler, for that purpose the government ordered the scientists to develop a new deadly machine. The scientists completed all their preparations to discover a new type of nuclear weapon. They selected Hanford as the home for the invention. However, later this resulted to release of a large number of radioactive chemicals. The effect is still occurring and no humans are allowed near to this.

These are top countries that have high radiation in some of their locations.


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