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All You Want To Know About Masjid Or Mosque

Mosque also can be called as Masjid is the holy place of Muslims to worship. In this place, the act of worship is done following the Islamic prayer rules. There are two types of Mosques where one type is not a special building which will have open air space and more likely to be informally called Musalla. Whereas the other one is used for the communal prayers every Friday and they are named Jami. Generally, mosques are common locations for prayers but all the occasions of that particular community like marriages, Ramadan Eve, Sufi Ceremony, Funeral Ceremony etc also takes plays here.

History of Mosques

Mosques are not only for modern people but they are offering their services for ages. There are many pilgrimage destinations like The Great Mosque of Mecca (Centre for hajj), The Prophets Mosque in Medina (Muhammad’s Burial ground), Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem (believed that Muhammad's resting place) are one among the places every person in the community interested to visit at least once in his lifetime. With the spread of Islam, The count of mosques has raised multiple times and we are not clear about how many masjids are presently built and offering their services for spiritual purposes. But I can tell about some of the beautiful and traditional mosques around the world.

The most beautiful mosques around the world:

  1. Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque: This mosque is built between years 1602-1619 during the ruling of Shah Abbas I in the country Iran. This is considered one of the masterpieces in the world. It is also considered as the multifunctional which provides Holy bath, Home for Royal Caravanserai, and a hospital.
  2. Aqsunqur Mosque: It is one of the historically based masjids constructed back in the 14th century. This mosque is built in Cairo the capital city of Egypt. This mosque contains the mausoleums of its founder, Shahms El-Din Aqsunqur and his numerous family members.
  3. Al-Haram Mosque: It is also called as the Mecca Masjid. The mosque is located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. All Muslims brothers I know have a dream to go to this place for at least once in their lifetime. They compare this Al-Haram Mosque to the holy heaven. It nearly covers the space up to 400,800 square meters. It can also accommodate up to 4 million people during the Hajji.
  4. Al Aqsa Mosque: This mosque is located at the UNESCO-listed Old City of Jerusalem. This mosque has stunning architecture and built many times in history. Muslims consider it to as the third holy place for performing rituals.
  5. Hassan all Mosque: The largest masjid in the entire Morocco and the seventh largest mosque in the world. This masjid beauty attracts all visitors. It also has the Tallest Minarates to date. The inside walls are Handcrafted with smooth marble.


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