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how silently Love Jihad is happening in Arab Countries and India

What are you thinking of the word Love Jihad? Ok, consider the word Jihad what is the meaning of it? Jihad is an Arabic Urdu word that gives you the meaning of holy war. Now there are some groups of people who actually started secrete campaigns of love jihad. Love jihad means the love toward the holy war. Maximum people who are striving for the Jihad and the Love Jihad are now working for the terrorist groups and ISIS.


What is the reason for Spreading the Love Jihad?

Actually, we hear this slogan Jihad most of the time from the Terrorist groups only. I did not mean all the people who say Jihad is terrorists but most of the terrorists will pronounce this slogan Jihad. Now there are many groups, actually trying to grab the innocent people into the groups so they have to spread these love Jihad. One of the reasons to explore Love Jihad is to increase the population in their group that can benefit them and can get more number of people who can help them in achieving their goals. They all dreamed to rule this world in the name of Allah and with the slogan Jihad.


How silently they are spreading this Love Jihad:

Arab countries and India are the only countries in which Muslim people are been in the second majority. Not the majority in the total population but covers the maximum people. So, they focused on those countries. They will first choose a shelter and a path for spreading up this Love Jihad campaign. Then they start attracting people by helping them or by provoking them with some magical words. As there are been trained it is not that much hard for them to attract people. Later they will convert them into their disciples and tell the importance of the Jihad. At last, people will think that Jihad is the only way for peace and truth. Then they will be transformed into different locations and turn them into terrorists. Since the world is fully opposing the Terrorism they should have to be in silent mode and do this process.

Like this, the terrorists are spreading the Love Jihad campaign in both India and Arab countries.

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