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Existence Of Humans In Future

The existence of Humans in the future, this is an interesting and big question. What do you think about the existence of humans in the coming years? Do you think humans will evolve again? If yes, how will humans exist? If no, why not? There are so many misconceptions, myths, facts and a lot more. So let us get into it.


Will Humans exist in the future?

There are too many parameters to consider answering this question. There are fair chances that humans will continue to exist in the future for more than thousands of years from now. If everything goes well without countries attacking each other with nuclear bombs, then humans can exist. But sustaining cancer-like diseases may be the biggest problem. By the 25th century, cancer may kill lots of people. However, it cannot end the human race. But we should not neglect the fact that with each passing year, diseases are increasing. Health issues will be one biggest problem humans will face if they exist.

Although there may be many people who say human rays may not exist in the future, we don’t think so. We mean, humans have survived so many things in this planet. Right from Sun’s extremeness to the winter’s lowest degrees, we have gone through many. The future humans may face more, but that may not end the existence. Humans have built a global civilization and managed to the defense all problems. For existence, we just need to support peace and decrease pollution. Maybe these two things will help.


How will they look in the future?

Somewhere around 100 years from now, researchers say that humans will be much taller than they are now. Due to nutrition, the growing generation’s heights are rapidly increasing. It will increase even faster in the future due to genes manipulation.

No matter what, the existence of humans in the future is not a myth. But there may be more involvement of technology in it. For instance, artificial human evolution, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, genetics, robotics, and Transhumans may take the lead. What are your thoughts on it?


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