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What Were The Reality And Proofs About Alien Flying Machines?

Do you watch the movies of DC marvel in those movies you can see that thor uses teleportation to enter Earth while the soldiers use some vehicles to reach Earth? However, what I am trying to tell is the vehicles used by the people or the aliens to transport themselves from one planet to another planet are known as the Flying machines. We referred them as Space craft’s on our planet. But when we see the foreign air crafts then they are registered as the UFO, Unidentified Flying Objects. Now in this article, I will give you clarity upon the Alien flying machines are real or not.


Reality and proof about the alien flying machine:


Actually this topic has been on special board for so many years. There are many witnesses on those times to see these unidentified flying objects. However, later on investigating the scientists failed to prove that. There are many groups of a scientist who already worked upon this. Even government also formed a group of scientists under projects like Project Sign, Project Blue Book also worked under to prove the alien invention into the earth orbit with the help of flying objects. They totally focused upon the high profile UFO sightings but there is no trace of anything.

Bottom line

As our science is not so far from the aliens they can have any excess of advanced technologies so they can miss our surveillance. But there is much strong belief that aliens tried much time to invade the Earth. Even there are many video proofs available in Google to represent such Unidentified flying objects.

Many countries governments formed a group of scientists to an inquiry on this but the scientists failed to prove as there are no enough technologies that can help us to find them. But it is sure that in the future we can develop those systems and also capture them. But we should not treat them as enemies because if they also treat us as the same way we treat them there is much lost to the Earth only. They are also much developed in the defense and armed systems too. So, it is difficult to attack or defend them. Rather we can use them and develop our science and technology.


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