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All you need to know about the mysteries of our solar system

If you go to your past to the 2nd or the 3rd standard you can remember the teacher's words “Earth is one among the planets in the solar system”. Did you remember those words? Yes, our planet is in the Solar system and did you know that there are many hidden mysteries of the solar planet. In this article, we are about to reveal some of the mysteries of the solar planet.


Check out the mysteries of the solar planet:

1. About Life: Actually we all think that for sustaining the life we need some of the things like water, air but the recent studies of the experts concluded that according to the suitability and sustainability there can be lives of some undefined race in the solar system.

2. Sun is magnetic: Actually the real truth is that the sun is stable and how can it be and there is one more truth that is sun releases some magnetic field too. The magnetic field in the sun stretches out to the solar system by releasing the gases from its atmosphere and the Corona that becomes the Solar wind. The only problem is that we cannot guess the when and where these ejections occur we only know that there is a magnetic field in the sun but we don’t know how was it is ejected.

3. Is Venus damaging? Actually, the planet Venus also looks like the earth and it is also considered as the twin earth. Earlier many experts and scientists imagined that there will be a chance of water on the planet Venus. But recently the scientists noticed that there are sulphuric clouds upon the planet and came to the conclusion that it won’t suit the human race. Now the problem Venus is in the same size of planet earth and many scientists imagined that there will be another race but only one thing that it is closer to the Sun than Earth. Due to the effect of the gases releasing from the sun, there are frequent sulphuric rains occurring on the planet Venus.

These are some of the mysteries of our Solar system. Yet there are many other mysteries but it takes some time to come to exist

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