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Major Tech Improvements In 21st Century

Major Tech Improvements In 21st Century

The 21st century has shown us some amazing innovations. We can call the 21st century as the age of innovations. There are many major tech improvements in the 21st century. Right from super cool apps to social media, electronic gadgets to driverless cars there is a lot happening in this century. Let’s take a close look at the magnificent innovations of this century.

   Electric car: In the history of humanity, travel has been the most essential. Keeping that in mind, car companies have come up with different tech implementations. One of the major implementations is electric cars.  Telsa has introduced the first Electric car in the market. Later Nissan and BMW recently came up with super cool electric cars.

   Artificial Intelligence: Before the 21st century, talking about robots and computers were only in cartoons and movies. After the 21st century, artificial came into reality. Later in 2011, a computer named IBM Watson competed and won an American quiz show beating 2 champions. Even though we are not at the stage where robotics is capable of leading, it is not far away.

· Driverless Cars: Google has come up with exclusive driverless cars and they started testing it. This is one of the major tech improvements in the 21st century. In some US states, the legislations have given permissions for driverless cars. If driverless cars testing goes smoothly then this will be the most amazing tech improvements in this century.

 Artificial Heart: Artificial Heart, it is the most useful and major tech innovation in this century. The artificial heart was first implemented in 2001 by Abicor. It doesn’t have any external wire or tubes. It is implemented in such a way that the heart will run with the energy that comes from a battery that will be charged through the energy transmission  Youtube: Youtube arrived in the year 2005 with a bang. Even today in 2019, Youtube is still a sensation and it is everyone’s everyday destination. Youtube has everything in it. It has changed the face of data consumption to an incredible level. Google’s Youtube is one of the major tech improvements in the 21st century which will remain a go-to the destination for few more decades

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