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Top Anti-Hacking Companies That Provides Cyber Security

Top Anti-Hacking Companies That Provides Cyber Security

Anti-hacking is much needed for any company. Each and every individual and companies seek cybersecurity. So cybersecurity providers are hottest and always on demand. They have entered in $100 billion market due to growing hackings and demand on anti-hacking companies. But who are the leaders of anti-hacking companies? Who is providing top cybersecurity services? Let’s take a sneak-peak.

1.     Microsoft: We don’t need to give an introduction to Microsoft. Microsoft is topping the list in providing cybersecurity. With the headquarters located at Redmond, Washington, founded in 1975, Microsoft is standing in the top anti-hacking companies. Microsoft is providing an active directory for identity and access management along with azure cloud security services such as key vault and security center.

     Annual Revenue: $ 110 Billion

2.       KnowBe4: KnowBe4 was founded in the year 2010. Its headquarters is located in Clearwater, Florida. We should not miss mentioning that it’s quite an achievement for a startup to be at the top as a cybersecurity provider.

3.        Cisco: Cisco provides anti-hacking services that include web gateway, advanced malware protection, email security, endpoint security, VPN and a lot more cybersecurity services. Although Cisco started a networking company, it has expanded into one of the top anti-hacking companies over the years.

     Annual Revenue: $ 49 Billion

4.      McAfee: McAfee has a major role in providing security for a long time. It offers a lot of services and products against hacking and has consistency in the services. The McAfee services include identity protection, endpoint protection, antivirus and web gateways, etc. It has never failed in coming with the latest anti-hacking services.

5.     RSA-Dell Technologies: RSA, Dell technologies were founded in the year 1982. They provide a wide range of anti-hacking services like Threat intelligence, network traffic analysis, forensics, security orchestration, malware detection, fraud prevention, and management.

6.      Symantec: Symantec headquarters is located at Mountain View, Calif. It was founded in 1982. It provides advanced cybersecurity services like advanced threat protection, encryption, email security, web gateway, network security, antivirus, identity theft protection and lot more. The Symantec has been offering productive anti-hacking services and tops in the vendor list. It is not limited to big organizations but extends its services to small business and consumer products too.This is the list of Top Anti-Hacking companies who provides you the cybersecurity

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