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Upcoming Robots And Their Acts For Humanity

Upcoming Robots And Their Acts For Humanity

The whole world is now focusing on advanced technologies. The advanced technologies like Robotics, War weapons, etc play the key important role in the present situation. On one side they are promoting peace by developing the humanoid robots, on the other hand, they are creating destructive weapons for the world. Now coming to the Robots or the humanoids, the world's technologies are developing day by day. In this article let me share some interesting details about some of the Robots that actually behave like humans.

List of the robots that behave like humans

  1. Sophia: The first humanoid Robo introduced by the Hanson Robotics and this robot is also considered as the first step towards making Humanoid. This Sophia also addressed in many public meetings and been introduced to several country people. This robot is also built with all advanced versions of AI neural networks and it can feel love and desires too.
  2. iCub: This is a little avenger designed by the Institute of Italian technologies of Genoa. This Humanoid robot can be treated and also used as a personal assistant. This robot can be actually used in the fields of manufacturing, assisted living facilities and homes even.
  3. Pepper: This is not so advanced version when compared with the Sophia but they can act as the human and also can assist the humans. This pepper is been developed by Softbank and it is been used in environmental retail shops in Japan.  It can assist and entertain the shoppers in the market.
  4. Erica: This robot was designed exactly like a girl and it is designed by the Hiroshi Ishiguro of Osaka University. This humanoid robot is been taking the training of newsreader and soon we can witness the first-ever humanoid robots in the newsreader field.
  5. Kengoro: the University of Tokyo developed this Robot and they inducted all the major functions of an athlete in Robo. It is now under training to navigate environments that are unsafe for humans

These are 5 upcoming robots that can actually act like humans. 

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