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Will Antimatter Replace The Fuel In Space Vehicles? Check Out This Article To Know About Antimatter

What do you think of the antimatter? For some people, it is a new word to listen to. But you have to know about this because there are various advantages of this antimatter. For example, this antimatter can also be used as fuel for space ships. Generally, it is very tough to create a separate space for the fuel in the space ship but with the restricted area, we can carry this anti-matter into space and also can create extra fuel for the space ships. In this article let us know how can be anti-matter used as the fuel for the space going vehicles.

What is anti-matter?

Antimatter is a combination of some of the antiparticles or the partners of an ordinary matter. Generally, these antiparticles are bound in a particular shape to form the Antimatter. The particles and the antiparticles have the same strength and the mass the only difference they have is in electric charge and some differences in the quantum numbers. This is the same as the protons and electrons. You can notice that the protons and electrons have the same mass and the difference is protons have a positive charge and the electron has a negative charge.

How antimatter is used as the fuel for space vehicles

Actually, the fuel for the space ships contains mini pallets which include the chemicals like deuterium and tritium and the heavy isotopes of the hydrogen. Uranium is also indulged by covering each pallet in the fuel. Now we can remove the chemicals and can inject this antimatter into the uranium shells in the pallets. After injecting the antiprotons into the uranium shell they will annihilate by generating high energy fission which later turns on the ignition and the other reactions in the fuel. In this way, the antimatter can be work as fuel

By the above-explained way we can use antimatter as the fuel for the space ships and it is also useful to use antimatter as the fuel. So it can have excess and effective fuel when compared with the fuel using in the present day.


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