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List Of Top 5 Types Of Phishing

List Of Top 5 Types Of Phishing

Phishing is now becoming the fastest evolution in hacking history. There are many types of phishing to do the hacking process.  Check out the brief history and top 5 types of phishing.

History of Phishing:

This phishing is first evolved in the year 1990s. During those days the phishers created a random algorithm to generate credit card numbers that match the original card numbers from the AOL accounts.  If once matched, the phishers accessed this data to manipulate it. By the time of catching the phishers they already updated to the newer technologies.

Types of phishing:

There is stat research the number of phishing sites has been increased to 73.08% from October 2017 to March 2018. The most shocking truth is more than 48.06% of the phishing sites are related to “.COM” domains. Generally, we assume all the domains and websites are very safe but about 20% of them are a fraud and been handled by the phishers. Here are the top 5 types of phishing.

  1. Email spoofing: Email Spoofing is one of the types of Phishing. This type of phishing used to get data from the individual without their knowledge.
  2. Email spoofing: These are also the type of phishing was a group of people receive emails based upon their common interests, brand preferences, demographics, and their choices. In this type of phishing, the emails sent are generally like gift cards, payment reminders, receipts.
  3. URL Phishing: It is also a common type of phishing and we can consider it as dangerous among them all. Scammers use the Phishing page URL’s to infect the target. Generally, these are heavy in hidden links once the target clicked the link and they are redirected to the phishing page.
  4. Sub Domain attack: These scams are targeted to non-technical persons.  Generally, these non-technical people confuse between the domain and Sub-domain. Making these as an advantage the scammers use this subdomain to launch the phishing attack.
  5. Pop-Up Messages: Pop-Up messages, we all are familiar with this as we get these pop-up messages on our mobile phones. This is also considered as the easiest way to run the phishing campaign.  Using these pop-up messages the scammers get a window steal to login details of the user.
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