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What actually happening behind the doors of Rich Dubai Sheikhs? The story behind selling women for marriages

When you get to see the Arab women you can notice the old Arab tradition even today. Despite developing their country towards more technical aspects, they still follow the old traditions. Now coming to the Arab rich sheikhs they have been recognised worldwide. Even America shows a lot of respect towards them. Do you know that they will have more than one wife for every rich sheikh? You can ask me that whether it is one of the traditions? Surprisingly yes, to know the full details about that check the full article.

Why do Arab rich sheikhs have more than one wife?

Before knowing the reason you should have to know about the maintenance of the Arab sheikhs should do to their all wives. Actually there is a rule that they can have a maximum of 4 women in their lives as their life partners but with some conditions. All the wives to be kept in separate houses, should be treated with the same attention, to be gifted all with the same price, should be spent with them equally.

Why many people want to sell their daughters to the Arab sheikhs

Actually all the Arab sheikhs can’t manage with a maximum number of wives. Only some rich Dubai sheikhs or the sheikhs who are divorced by women will buy for another wife. Many Arab sheikhs focus on Indian women as there are many poor people with known tradition. They also consider their wives as their pride. How many wives they have that much pride they have. Moreover, the people who tend to sell their daughter are been offered with the huge sum of money, not only this they can also have a better life when compared to the lives they are facing now as belonging to the poor family. Many women also agreed that despite the husband they can travel to the new place and can have all types of facilities. After settling and knowing the surrounding places they can mutually take divorce and will search for another new life and it is very common with the Dubai sheikhs.

So this is what actually happens behind the doors of rich Arab sheikhs

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