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All you want to know about the Syrian war

Syria one of the international lookout issues before 3 years. We have witnessed many terrific incidents from the pictures of the Syrian war. Actually it all began in 2011 and the civil war is still continuing. Here is all the background information about the Syrian Black war.

Reasons behind the war:

Actually, since July 2000 Syria was under the ruling of Basher al-Assad after his father. This actual war has been started by the Arab League with the help of the United States and some other countries. Nearly 5.7 million people fled away from the country as of March 2019 and more than 6.1 million people are internally displaced. It actually began in 2011 only four reasons that are behind this war. The four reasons are Kurdish forces, ISIS, oppositions, and the Assad regime. This all happened when ISIS completely lost its control over most of the territory region and made the individuals fight against themselves for the authority.

What actually happened?

All this began in March 2011 when a group of teens arrested for writing the political graffiti upon the official buildings and dozens of people killed by the security forces for demonstrating. In reply to the continue protests to settle down the Syrian citizens, the government has announced many plans. But nothing worked out. They also gave the green signal for the new political parties and their license but nothing worked out well. Within a weak Assad, the group addressed the nation in a 3/4th-hour speech telecasted on the television.

 The leader said that “the government should consider the needs of the people and accept to fulfill all the demands of the national people of Syria” and the continue protests held against the government. This gives the space and shelter for many terrorist groups. However, later the Syrian government consulted the Russian and American and both the countries agreed to help them the meanwhile ISIS started occupying Syria. After some point, ISIS lost control and the grip upon the region because both Russia and America focused on Syria. If they reacted then they can be caught hence ISIS given a chance to other alliances to take complete control upon Syria. This leads to the War between the alliance and they became enemies. They always attack on one another and this highly affected the common people of Syria. These powerful armies even captured many women and men, they used the women for private purposes and killed the men for happiness.

This is some part of the Syrian civil war.

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