Upcoming Technologies In Future That Will Conquer The World

By-TTP Team 2019-10-24

1. Chatbots and Conversational Interfaces

Already we are using Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana and Google speech to text, etc. In future this will completely dominate the human lifestyle, This Ai Programmed chatbots responds according to our mood and behaviour in the future, they know our next step and replies according to our perspective.

2.Air to Fuel

A British company Teesside actually working on this project to convert air and water into the fuel for cars and other engines. This will be a synthetic fuel that this will dominate our future electrical Vehicles and regular petrol and diesel-based Vehicles.

3.Driverless Cars

We are all experiencing minimal features of driverless cars like automatic gear setup and the Ai powered Dashboards etc. In future Ai, Powered Cars Play a Key role. Already the Electric Motor Corp Tesla had developed electric-based driverless cars. They are running Successfully.

4.Eye Track

Eye Tracking like the visuals of our neighbours like profile and their social status and other data like live location pings, with the help of virtual reality, will lead us our future.


5. Flying Cars.

The Next development in the motor field is  Flying Cars, Instead of stuck into the regular one-way traffic, People will Automatically shift to the flying cars. That was out next-gen Future.

6. Home Delivery Drones.

Home delivery drones already running in china by some E-commerce Giants was very successful instead of the manpower. This will reduce human effort. As of the source by 2029 60% of the Jobs was dominated by robots.so these home delivery drones will be available in the next two years all over the world.

7.Ambient UX User Experience

Ambient UX means this allows the user to feel the exact realistic surrounding when they are playing a video game or watching a Movie this is the next level of Augmented  Reality that works with the same type Essence and takes the user to the next level of JOY.

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