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The Most Top 10 Polluted Cities In The World

The Most Top 10 Polluted Cities In The World

Why do women and men cover their faces when they are traveling on the road? Do they need to hide their faces for not recognizing them? I think it's not true, they cover their faces with a scarf or with any mask to protect them from air pollution. Air pollution is one of the increasing disasters which affect the earth's surface. Let’s check out the Top 10 polluted cities around the world.

1. Kanpur, India

The state Kanpur has topped the list of the Top 10 polluted cities all over the world. Generally, there are many leather industries in this city. People here use Buffalo’s skin as the leather. The leather tanneries here release huge amounts of dangerous chromium gas into the air. This leads to high pollution in the air.

2. Faridabad, India

 Faridabad located in India stands at 2nd place in the list. The average smog level of this city is double that of any other city in the world. The smog level increases gradually during the winter season. In this region, all the pollutants are been trapped by the cold temperature and with the help of smog they bring it back again to the earth’s surface.

3. Gaya, India

Gaya the city in the Bihar state of India has acquired the third position. It is also well known and famous for the tree where Lord Buddha spread his principles. But there is huge air pollution in the city due to heavy smog.

4. Varanasi, India

It is the fourth consecutive city that added to the list of the most polluted cities in the world. It is also compared to be as the spiritual capital of India. This city is based on constructions and this majorly releases the dust in the atmosphere.

5. Patna, India:

It is one of the cities in India and the capital for the Bihar state. This city acquired the 5 positions on the list. In this city, the Hindu devotees and perform spiritual ceremonies to the sun goddess due to this the smoke evolved can even cover the sunset.

6. Delhi, India:

Even being a capital city can’t escape from the list and acquired the 6th position. The air pollution emitted due to traffic and factories nearby the city are the major reasons for this. The government is also trying to control and decreasing the level of air pollution in the city.

7. Lucknow, India

Lucknow is also one of the Indian countries which takes the 7th position in the top 10 polluted cities in the world. The main reason was the smoke from the vehicles due to traffic.

8. 8.Bamenda, Cameroon

Bamenda is one of the cities in the Cameroon nation which acquired the 8th position. The deforestation is the major cause that we can estimate for the pollution and high humidity.

9.Agra, India:

Agra, a famous tourism place has many industries nearby and within the city. The carbon dioxide in the city is too high for a living being to survive. Every year the pollution in the city is increasing beyond imagination.

10. Gurugram, India:

Gurugram is the place where we can only see the companies, industries, factories more than the houses and people. I think it will acquire the first position but surprisingly it came up with 10.

Nearly 9 in the 10 topmost polluted cities around the world are in India. It is unbelievable. India is in Red Alert.

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