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Is Africa Is Splitting Into Two Parts In Future

Africa is splitting into two parts, listening to this many people will think about whether the country is dividing into two parts. But exactly what happening is Africa started dividing into two parts geographically. While the geologists are in confusion about that bur in recent times there is viral news when a large crack can be seen in Africa. This large crack separated the land to several miles in length. It was actually seen in Kenya after heavy rains.

What is happening?

Actually the crack occurs in the region of the East African Rift valley. The splitting line measurements are 50 feet deep and 65 feet length. According to the geographical scientists, Rift valley is a low land region where the tectonic plates move. According to the reports from the African channel, they noticed that the crack is separating the region into unequal parts. Actually the valley is over 1800 miles from the Gulf of Aden in the north and toward Zimbabwe in the south. Now the crack divides the Larger Nubian plate and the smaller Somali plate. Gradually this crack increases and breaks Africa into Two more continents. While one African continent contains the parts of Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Tanzania the other part consists of remaining all.


Actually this happened before to the United States. In the United States, the southwest part is separated by the Rio Grande rift valley. This valley actually stretches from Chihuahua, Mexico to Colorado. According to the International Geographical experts, this has been formed before 30 million years. Also, this is responsible for the flow of river Rio Grande, in the borders of the Southern United States. Answering the current situation a geographical expert said that all the sudden events like large catastrophic earthquakes or this motorway-spitting will not give us any notice about their sudden occurrence. Most of the time they didn’t so according to me Africa will be separated without even noticing. Yeah of course but even noticing also we can’t do anything just leaving it aside by thinking that it is also one of the natural calamities.


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