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Evidence That Proves Alien Existence

When the people from the other countries visited us generally we call him/her as a foreigner and we will respect them too. While if there is a visitor from other planets or the galaxy, we will call him as the alien. But with a quit surprising face, we will surrender him to the police or the government. When we respect the foreigner why cannot we respect the alien? They two are similar to each other they just visited our country to see it. No, you can ask me how you can say that if an alien visited us we will definitely hand over them to the government. I saw in movies that the people often surrender the alien to the government. But you realized that there are aliens. But some people won't agree with this and they start debating. For those people in this article, we would like to show you some proves which determines the existence of aliens.


Frontiers for alien life


  1. Stars: As science always proves that there is no life or any proof that directly indicates the life beyond the earth, but the universe is also home o a lot of stars. Recent studies also proved that almost 50 % of those stars are harbor planets. Experts are also telling that nearly or approximately there are 1 trillion planets in a milky way. It is always challenging to the science to find out the real miracles. So this is the first way to imagine there may believes in the rest of the planets.
  2. Water: In our solar system we can find some planets that are abundant with water. However, there may be lives too. Scientists also in a conclusion to reveal the mars are the second earth for the people. Surprising if there are people already staying in mars what is the point.
  3. Evidence: While the people of the earth also discovered many alien bodies since the last 5 decades and this is the best proof to tell you there is strong evidence of the alien existence.
  1. checking the all above frontiers we came to the conclusion that there is an existence for the aliens too in the universe.


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