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Calculations Behind Stopping The Sun In Bible Joshua

On one day Nasa got to recognize that a day from the past has been missing. Then they did the experiments on discovering how a single day can be missed totally. For that, they got to know that there is a huge story for this. However, they later considered it the urban myth. They also concluded that for disappearing the sun's position one must fully aware of the planet’s position before the missing day and also came to the conclusion that it is impossible to do so.

We can also see similar considerations when we saw the book ‘Joshua’s long day” written by Charles Totten in 1890. All the calculations can only be shown when the sun and moon should have been at a time in the past.


What actually happened on that day?

1st point of view: Some form of unknown refraction or the bending of the light has to happen on that day. Some power has hidden the sunlight and moonlight for a day. Actually considering the story a soldier named Joshua asked help from the god to stop the light and after there is no light either from the sun or the moon for the whole day. And there are other views that can support the missing day.


2nd view: Maybe there is a wobble in the Earth’s axis of rotation. Since there are continuous rotation and revolution in the earth there is no disturbance in the light rays. But it can also be possible to vanish the light rays for the whole day by introducing a wobble or any particle that exactly suits the Earth's rotational axis and also between the earth and moon. Since the scientist declared that at that time the sun and moon are on the straight path away from the Earth. Easily a wobble can defend earth from reaching both sun and moon’s light rays.

Here are some of the calculations that can actually support the missing day.


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