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Check Out The Worth, Uses And Dangers Of The Antimatter

Anti-Matter, it is one of the toughest things that have no particular vision direction and shape. Antimatter is formed by combining some of the Anti particle or the protons of the individual matter. Generally, we can also compare it with the stuff of science fiction. I think you are new to this name let me remind you, in the movie star trek the starship enterprise used this matter and anti-matter annihilation proportion to travel faster than the light. So there are many more advantages with this anti-matter so it is worthy enough to use this anti-matter. In this article let us tell you a brief of the antimatter.


Advantages of the Antimatter:

As above I already concluded that the antimatter is worthy enough to use let us see the advantages and in which field we can use this antimatter.

1. Fuel: The main advantage of the anti-matter is, it can be used as the fuel for the space ships and satellites. Since the fuel in the space, ships are separated by the pallets and the pallets contain the uranium nuclei in those nuclei there consists chemicals like deuterium, Tritium and some of the high isotopes of the hydrogen. When we removed the inner chemicals and inject the antiprotons into the uranium nuclei then the ignition reaction takes place thus we can use the antimatter as the fuel for the space ships.

2. Medical: Not only as of the fuel we can also use the Antimatter in the medical field with the matter-antimatter reactions practically. We can use this reaction particularly in Positron emission tomography (PET). We can also even generate the surplus positive charge from the Nuclides that can help in medical use. Antiprotons are also used in the treatment of cancer and similarly in proton therapy.

3. Weapons: Anti-matter is considered as the trigger for nuclear weapons. But there is a need for a huge quantity of antimatter to use as the trigger mechanism for the weapons however in time of the cold war the scientists from the US discovered that antimatter is not only used as the trigger but it can also be used as the explosive itself.


The danger of the antimatter:


It should be held away from the ordinary particle if it is come to contact with the ordinary particle then the result is zero.


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