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Will Water Vehicles Dream Come True?

Will Water Vehicles Dream Come True?

We all know petrol, gas and diesel prices are rising daily. It is very uncomfortable to invest that much high on transport. How can a middle-class man live by paying that much upon the transport? Now we can also estimate that the fuel rates will be thrice or doubled in the future. How can we overcome this trouble? Is there anyone or anything to solve this problem? For all these questions one child answered that why cannot we run our vehicles with water. Because water is available with us and there is no need to dig that much deeper to extract water like petrol and diesel. Moreover, there is no need for the refinery. But later knowing about the mechanics behind the fuel ignition we got to know it is impossible. Even many people know that it is impossible to run a vehicle with the help of water.

What are the consequences?

If you really want to run the vehicle with the help of water then you have to change the total design of the fuel ignition. Moreover, today the fuel ignition system is designed as it suits only for petrol, gas, and diesel. Not only has this had the iron particle presented inside the bike can also be rusted as it is under the control of water this time. So there are more consequences than the benefits of using water as a fuel inside the bike.

Is it possible to run a Vehicle with water?

Yes, in the above paragraph I only said that it is difficult and impossible to ride a bike with the help of water but we are humans it is our turn to make the impossible things into possible. There is a person named Agha Waqar Ahmed who designed the total fuel ignition system that can help you to run your vehicle with water as fuel. Not only him but there are many people who tried this experiment. Some witnessed success and some are satisfied with failure. However, Agha Waqar’s project is successful and the design is under Advance development it needs some more time to see the face of the earth.

Hence I conclude that we still need some more time to run vehicles with water but it is possible.  

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