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Check out the brief of Automation and Its Consequences

Automation is one of the things we have to develop to reduce the work stress on the manpower. Generally, we use automation in the manufacturing industries and many other platforms. Automation is also recognized as the helping procedure to the industrialists. In this article, we get to know all the information about automation and some of its disadvantages or consequences.

What is Automation?

It is a general procedure that performs the assigned duty with minimal human assistance. Usually, we use this automation procedure in many various sectors like manufacturing, controlling, etc. It is also implemented in machinery, factories processing units, boilers, Heat treating ovens, Aircraft and other some of the vehicles. All types of machines that works completely based on automation are called Automation machines and the machines that have automation but need human assistance is called semi-automation machines. Now a day’s Automation is implemented from household items to large scale industry machines. This is the explanation for the Automation, now let us check out the consequences due to the Automation below.

Consequences of Automation:

1. Worker displacement: The main and primary consequence of Automation is Worker displacement. As in the future, This Automation can completely erase human empowerment. Since it is the one-time investment many industrialists also show some interest in this Automation, rather giving salaries to the workers or the employees.
2. Usage of high minerals: Since there are heavy requirements of machinery there is a huge need for iron and stainless steel too. Of course, the price of both minerals could even touch the sky after a few days when this automation starts ruling.
3. Pollution: However there are some of the factors that are already using this automation machinery in the present world. We can also expect an increase in these types of factories in the future too. When the factories increase proportionally there will be an increase in pollution too. Whether it may be air or water pollution the consequences are in high percentage.
4. Care: Since all the machines are automatically working we should have to be more careful. If any fault happened there will be a huge loss and even it can result in total damage in the industry too. So, careless behavior with this Automation machine is not encouraged.
These are some of the consequences that can be imagined

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