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The Dark Side Of Child Labor

“Festival is here, ready to get gifts” common words parents generally used to tell their children these days. But in some countries, parents will hand over their children to some people and they transport the children to industries like chocolate, mining, etc and there the children have to work several hours. Actually, in this Age, they have to send to schools but what actually happening is they are been taking into jobs, giving employment opportunities. How can those small kids work out there with no food and with a heavy load? It is really painful to see them as workers. Now you can ask me why you are explaining all this. Because in this article I would like to reveal some of the dark secrets of the Child labor

Some dark secrets of the child labor

1. Smuggling: Child trafficking is considered as one of the terrific smuggling activities and if the international police caught that type of cases they will surely screw the crew members. It is also added that child trafficking is not a thing to encourage and may also lead to the death sentence to the smugglers.

2. Parent’s encouragement: In many of the poor countries in the African continent will encourage Child labor. After some years they took their child to the smugglers and rent them for a while. For those days they will get food items or some money.

3. Education: No one of the children who are in child labor is going to study. Yes, it is true because they have no option to get a better education, they should all spend their wonderful life as slaves for someone.

4. Many countries: We can’t say particularly but we can witness this child labor in almost all countries may be in large or small scales. But definitely there will be hidden child labor in many countries.

5. Food: Food is the only goal and achievement for those kids. If they want to get the food they have to complete the given task. So, food is considered as the ultimate goal and the benefit for them.

These are some dark secrets of child labor.

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